Hair Treatments

Local Roots Salon offers a wide range of hair treatments that will let you leave the salon feeling beautiful and empowered. 

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Hair Treatment Services

Brazilian Blowout - We only offer bold services:

  • Express: gives a smooth frizz free look for 4 weeks in under 60 mins
  • Blowout: semi permanent hair smoothing system

Hair Cuts:

  • Dry cut : cutting the hair with out a shampoo and minimal styling
  • Bang/beard trim: shorting the bang area / tailoring the beard
  • Teen cut (girl): shampoo cut and style for girls over the age of 12.
  • Children’s cut: shampoo cut and style for girls under they age of 12
  • Men’s cut: clipper or scissor cutting
  • Women’s cut: shampoo cut and style
  • Kids cut (boy): clipper or scissor cut for boys under the age of 12

Treatments & Color

  • Split ends treatment and cut: temporarily seals down split ends and includes haircut
  • Root retouch,full highlight and cut: Route color on regrow full head of highlights and cut
  • Root retouch partial highlight and cut: route color on regrows and highlights from the ears up and a cut
  • All over color and cut: Color from scalp to ends and haircut
  • Balayage and cut: hand painted highlights and cut
  • Partial highlight and cut: highlight from the ears up and cut
  • CoLoRmElT and cut: transition of color from scalp to end and cut
  • Retouch and cut: Color applied to regrowth and haircut
  • Full highlight and cut: Full head of highlights and haircut
  • Toner: adds and removes unwanted tones
  • Men’s color: color applications for men

Special Event Styling

  • Wedding trial: practice styles for wedding day
  • Wedding up do: formal style the day of wedding
  • Shampoo style: wash and style
  • Prom/hc up do: formal style for dance

Extensions - Consult must be scheduled before booking service

  • Hand tied extensions: which is done by beading the natural hair then hand-tying the extension weft onto your natural hair. They require no tape, glue, or heat
  • Tape in extensions: 1 inch wide pre-taped hair wefts, that get “taped-in” in between your own hair in “sandwich” like bonds.